Saturday, December 5, 2009

Welcome To The Lair!

welcome to our Lair! our names are Minion and Boffin. this blog (kindly scribed for us by our mum, ShadowBunny- stupid lack of thumbs!) will be all about our attempts to take over the world! well, maybe not the world just yet, maybe just Mum and Dad's lives to start with.

introducing, Minion:

I may look cute and Mum may have called me Minion because she thought she was the one in charge, but inside me beats the heart of an evil mastermind! I will take over the world... mwahahahahaa... oh, where was I? yes, I'm Minion.

introducing, Boffin:

I'm the brains of this outfit. my mission in life: to assist Min in taking over the world and to have fun and look cute at the same time.

we are both Domestic Shorthairs a.k.a moggies, we are sisters and we got our start in life living under a house with our homeless mother. we've had humble beginnings, but make no mistake, we WILL rule the world!

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