Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our Plans Are Foiled! NOOO!

Mum took away our Weapons of Mass Destruction! I can't believe it, she threatened to and then she actually did it! why, why, why did she have to trim our claws? it's not fair at all, just because of one, okay, two, alright, three eensy, weensy little scratches? bah!

here's what I think of your stinkin' nail clippers!

Boffin is unamused by the nail trimming procedure.

Plans are slightly foiled now by the lack of claw-age. but our claws will grow back and when they do.... we know where you sleep. mwahahahaaa!


  1. Not before Christms!!! How are you going to scratch all the presents and bows? That was totally unacceptable mom.

  2. Oh dear they spoil all the fun.. Mums sheesh.. Hugs GJ xx