Monday, December 7, 2009

Plans On Hold

Plans for world domination have been put on hold, it's far too hot and we're far too sleepy.

maybe when it's cooled down a bit we might go for a little walk, until then: sleeeeep!

many thanks go to Melvin for his awesome assistance in ruling the world!


  1. Gorgeous photos of gorgeous kitties! You get some rest now.

  2. Those pictures are fabulous.. Hugs GJ xx

  3. WAKE UP! It's time to rule the world!

    PS: The video I made of Gazoo didn't tell about the health problems that come later on because Gazoo doesn't have any of those at this time. I basically wanted to show the behavioral problems that declawing causes because one of the main reasons cats are declawed is due to behavioral problems. Many people know that a percentage can get health problems, but not as many are aware of the behavioral and emotional stress it can put on a cat.