Saturday, December 12, 2009

World Domination on Hiatus

Mum's been really sad the past few days, so we've had to put our world domination plans on hold so we can focus all our love and attention on making Mum feel better. so, very sorry for the lack of planning world domination, but we've had more important things to attend to!

I loves you Mum!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Busy Day Winning Hearts

Mum and Dad took us to visit the vet for our weekly weigh in. we've both gained 200g (for all you non-Metric types that's roughly half a pound) since last week. the staff at the vet looove us! they pat us and give us treats and say we look so cute. we know that once we rule the world we will have to give them good jobs.

in other news, we're trying to figure out why our ambushes keep failing. we lie in wait, ready to strike and just when we're about to pounce on someone's feet they say hello to us and we know the game is up. we just don't know what we're doing wrong!

what's that you say, are we hiding behind the curtain? we most certainly are not.

well, maybe we are... maybe we aren't. you'll never know!

I think we've been spotted!

the game's up. quick, act cute!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our Plans Are Foiled! NOOO!

Mum took away our Weapons of Mass Destruction! I can't believe it, she threatened to and then she actually did it! why, why, why did she have to trim our claws? it's not fair at all, just because of one, okay, two, alright, three eensy, weensy little scratches? bah!

here's what I think of your stinkin' nail clippers!

Boffin is unamused by the nail trimming procedure.

Plans are slightly foiled now by the lack of claw-age. but our claws will grow back and when they do.... we know where you sleep. mwahahahaaa!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Plans On Hold

Plans for world domination have been put on hold, it's far too hot and we're far too sleepy.

maybe when it's cooled down a bit we might go for a little walk, until then: sleeeeep!

many thanks go to Melvin for his awesome assistance in ruling the world!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

World Domination is One Step Closer.

Mum and Dad took us to the car boot market today! we got to wear our harnesses and we were so busy checking everything out that we were absolutely exhausted by the time we left. but the good news is we learned that our cuteness is as almightily powerful as Mum says it is. everywhere we went people were making strange cooing and squealing noises and lots of people looked and pointed. it was terrific!

after about half an hour we were so tired and so hot that we just wanted to go home and collapse. so we demanded that Mum and Dad take us home and turn on the air conditioner. unsurprisingly they did just as they were told.

we've got them well trained.

us in bed, wanting to go to sleep. do you mind?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Super Secret Plan Number One

Or: How To Drive Your Parents Crazy.

Step One: wait until they are settling down for a good nights sleep then start up a wrestling match that would make WWE Smackdown proud. of course, you must do it right in the middle of the bed.

Step Two: once the wrestling match is finished and your parents have started falling asleep again, climb on Dad's chest and mew. make it loud and pitiful. keep mewing until he goes to pat you. then attack his hand with all your might!

Step Three: sit at the cat flap and make it bang open and closed. open and closed. open and closed. repeat until your parents turn on the light to see what's happening. look innocent.

Step Four: scratch at your collar to make your bell rings so hard that you sound like a herd of demented reindeer.

Step Five: repeat steps one through four.

Step Six: wait until morning, and while your parents are still asleep, climb up the bed until your are in position. once in position, attack whatever body part you can, paying special attention to feet, bottoms, thighs, faces and other sensitive, ticklish and tender areas.

Step Seven: gloat.

Welcome To The Lair!

welcome to our Lair! our names are Minion and Boffin. this blog (kindly scribed for us by our mum, ShadowBunny- stupid lack of thumbs!) will be all about our attempts to take over the world! well, maybe not the world just yet, maybe just Mum and Dad's lives to start with.

introducing, Minion:

I may look cute and Mum may have called me Minion because she thought she was the one in charge, but inside me beats the heart of an evil mastermind! I will take over the world... mwahahahahaa... oh, where was I? yes, I'm Minion.

introducing, Boffin:

I'm the brains of this outfit. my mission in life: to assist Min in taking over the world and to have fun and look cute at the same time.

we are both Domestic Shorthairs a.k.a moggies, we are sisters and we got our start in life living under a house with our homeless mother. we've had humble beginnings, but make no mistake, we WILL rule the world!